Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rocky and I went to Florida to visit Nana and Aunt Angela. Rocky had a blast. He played with Aunt Angela's friend's shepherds and ran and ran and ran ... the children also welcomed Rocky with lots of smiles and play. I almost felt bad knowing we would leave! Rocky enjoyed his visit immensely!!

Rocky Visits Aunt Angela in Florida!

Rocky Meets Buddy (and Perla)

Rocky and Buddy at the table ...
Rocky napping on Nana's bed...


  1. Rocky!!!! We didn't know you were blogging! That is so cool! That run, run, running sounds so awesome! I would love to run with you.
    Welcome to blogging (belated though my words may be). We hope you'll post often.
    Please give your dad kisses for me and Cammie. I was just very little and sleepy when I met him, but I remember him fondly!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  2. Oh Miss PM Maggie! It is an honor indeed! Dad tells me so much about you and your elegant and gentle ways of presence and ruling your kingdom! Dad is not sure he was going to continue this blog or start up the old Rocky I blog. Perhaps you can send him your sage astute thoughts on the matter! Thank you so much for visiting! I will most definitely pass your regards to Dad! Thank you PM Margaret!